The investment banking franchise has built a reputation for combining extensive local and international market expertise with an established reputation for innovation, technical know-how and global relationships in its service delivery. Our credentials and track record make us the pre-eminent choice for clients in need of investment banking products and services.


Financial Advisory

We offer a wide array of financial advisory services including Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Restructurings, and Divestitures & Spin Offs. We help tailor financing strategies to our clients’ unique situations, and we have a track record of innovative solutions for challenging economic conditions. 


Capital Markets

We facilitate the issuance of a variety of corporate, national and sub-national debt and equity instruments. The Franchise has extensive experience, institutional knowledge and track record in both domestic and international capital markets advisory transactions. We maintain relationships with a wide spectrum of strategic and financial investors with interests and risk appetites covering the full spectra of equity and debt capital.


Project Advisory

The franchise serves and supports project sponsors in structuring and sourcing optimal funding solutions from inception all the way through to financial closing. We offer project advisory services across various industries including power & utilities, oil & gas, telecommunications, infrastructure and real estate projects.

Financial Advisory Credentials

Afrinvest is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Nigeria as a portfolio manager. We deliver world class asset management services to a range of mass affluent and high net worth individual clients. Through our subsidiary, Afrinvest Asset Management Limited, we offer investors direct professionally managed access to the Nigerian capital markets through equity focused, debt focused and hybrid unit trust investment schemes.


Mutual Funds

Regardless of your earning capacity, investing in mutual funds is a great way to own stakes in multiple financial instruments. Depending on your investment goal, Afrinvest Mutual Funds gives you access to highly liquid fixed income investments for risk averse clients, shares of companies on the NSE, international and domestic bond market, or dollar- denominated Securities registered in Nigeria.


Private Clients

For a more personalized experience, we offer an investment service with direct access to the NSE that gives clients the opportunity of operating a traditional brokerage account while having access to our professional expertise and research products. For high-net worth individuals, each portfolio is a customized interpretation of our clients' unique risk tolerance and personal preferences.


Money Market & Currencies

We have a high-performing money market and currencies service that gives investors access to secure interest-earning products, including dollar denominated fixed income instruments issued by sovereign and corporate institutions. These opportunities are open to groups like staff member or friends, or to individual investors.

Track Records of Innovation

Research is at the core (heart) of our business value proposition as we strive to provide our clients, both internal and external, with in-depth knowledge and thought leadership required for sound investment decisions. Given the knowledge and experience of our research analysts, our research publications are widely acknowledged to rank amongst the most incisive and detailed.


Robust Database

We maintain an extremely robust research database on the Nigerian market spanning 19 years ensures that we have at our ready disposal up-to-date trading information on the stock and fixed income markets as well as corporate actions.

Research Reports

Afrinvest is licensed by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (”SEC”) as a broker-dealer and is authorized by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as a dealing member. Through our subsidiary, Afrinvest Securities Limited, we offer exclusive investment products originated by Afrinvest as well as unique value secondary market trading opportunities in equity, debt, money market and currency instruments. The business is structured along three lines:



Afrinvest has remained a leading player in Nigeria’s competitive investment market with a solid reputation as a highly professional securities brokerage firm. Our equities trading platform ensures that both retail and institutional trades are executed in line with our clients’ expectations. From initial public offerings to private placements, our team of professionals provides real-time insights that help shape execution strategies, proactively monitoring capital markets, following up on key events that shape the market.


Fixed Income

Our equities trading platform ensures that both retail and  institutional trades are executed in line with our clients’ expectations. From initial public offerings to private placements, our team of professionals provides real-time insights that help shape execution strategies, proactively monitoring capital markets, following up on key events that shape the market.


Institutional Sales & Marketing

Our Money Markets & Currencies trading provides an array of investment opportunities to local and foreign institutions and individuals. As a member of the Money Market Association of Nigeria, our product offerings include Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Bankers' Acceptance, and Repos.

Track Records of Innovation