Our Vision

To build a wealth advisory firm with the
reputation and capability of providing
world class financial solutions in select Sub-Saharan African markets.

Our Mission

To be the preferred Financial Solutions Provider in Sub-Saharan Africa

Our History

Afrinvest (West Africa) Limited is a leading wealth advisory firm with a focus on West Africa and active in five principal areas: investment banking, securities trading, asset management, trusteeship and investment research.

The Company was originally founded in 1995 as Securities Transaction and Trust Company -Limited (“SecTrust”) which grew to become a respected research, brokerage and asset management firm. Over the years, SecTrust established a close relationship with London-based Afrinvest (UK) Limited, an investment banking firm regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and following a business restructuring in 2005, SecTrust combined with the Nigerian based corporate finance business of Afrinvest (UK) Limited (Afrinvest Nigeria Limited) to create a stronger business entity with a more internationally recognized corporate identity, renamed as Afrinvest (West Africa) Limited

Afrinvest has built a track record in executing transactions within its principal areas of business and prides itself in:

  1. Thorough knowledge of the Nigerian market, business communities and the regulatory environment;
  2. Careful, fact-based analysis and recommendations;
  3. Complete corporate independence and discretion; and
  4. The delivery of innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

The Afrinvest

People - Experienced and client-focused professionals with a proven track record in the local markets

Industry Knowledge - Strong industry and market insight backed by a local and international network of professionals

Operational Efficiency - Operational efficiency through processes, people and technology

Regulatory Liaison - Close relationship with key regulatory institutions and an in-depth understanding of the local capital market

Distribution - Excellent investor (financial and strategic) relationships and distribution capabilities

Research - Widely-acclaimed research capabilities in macro-economic, fixed income and equities coverage

Our Core Values

Our core values shape and define our character and how we make decisions.


We keep our word and follow through on commitments in executing business with our clients and colleagues.

The time and effort we put into every transaction reflects our goal of delivering the best result in a professional manner, matching our behaviours to our words and taking accountability for our actions.

Honesty and fairness are the foundations for everything we do and these values guide us in dealing with challenging and unpopular situations.


We believe in pooling our individual strengths together to help achieve our corporate goals.

This helps bring out the best from our combined talents, experiences and knowledge, thereby building strong bonds and partnerships with our colleagues and other stakeholders. Through teamwork we have collectively built an atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and interest in each other’s success.


To us, entrepreneurship is primarily about constantly taking initiatives to make our work better and the willingness to assume responsibility to achieve it.

What this means is that we promote an entrepreneurial mindset which allows each person take ownership of opportunities, projects, problems and reach across functions to help one another deliver exceptional service to our clients. We inspire others to continuously seek new ideas and new possibilities of creating value to our clients. At Afrinvest innovation is our lifeblood.


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